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Mary Berry’s Evergreen Gardening is a place for people who are passionate about gardening, nature and outdoor beauty. We work hard and get things done. We also create beauty in the process. Working at Mary’s comes with a great sense of accomplishment. At the end of a workday we feel great to have created beautiful gardens for our wonderful clients to enjoy. Home base - Mary’s barn, located on a beautiful 16 acre parcel, is a wonderful place to meet in the morning. The land is picturesque with beautiful trees and wild life all around. Not to mention Jojo and Oliver our barn cats that welcome everyone when they come in in the morning.
The Ladies in the home office are wonderful. They are always there to answer questions and they encourage ideas about making the company more efficient and a better place to work. Each individual is recognized for their talents and utilized accordingly. Everyone who works here is encouraged to problem solve and come up with creative solutions.

We are always looking for more talented individuals to make our company a better place!