Proper watering is critical to your plant's health. Regular watering will also help to insure maximum flowering and proper growth.

Watering guidelines for 1st year plantings:

Use an open-ended hose placed in the mulch ring and running at a slow trickle for the time indicated in the chart below.

If you prefer to use soaker hoses, they should be wound through the planting bed and wrapped loosely around the trunks of plants. They must be left running overnight, twice per week.  The only way to know that your plants are watered properly is to check the soil around the plantings to see how deep the water has saturated the soil.

Tree Gator Bags are another option for watering. Fill as often as if you were watering with a hose.

Watering times based on plant sizes
Container plants

1-3 gal pot: 10 minutes
5-10 gal pot: 20 minutes
15 gal or larger pot: 30 minutes

Balled and Burlaped plants

1.75" - 2.5" caliper: 45-60 minutes
3" or larger caliper: 60-80 minutes

If you are planting in the SPRING or SUMMER:

Water 3 times per week, for the first 3 weeks, whether it rains or not
After the first 3 weeks, water twice per week whether it rains or not

If you are planting in the FALL:

Deciduous plants

If the plant still has leaves, following the watering guidelines until the leaves fall off
If the plant has lost its leaves, soak thoroughly one time after planting
Begin watering again in the spring when the new foliage appears, following the watering guidelines

Evergreen plants

Follow the watering guidelines until December 31
Begin watering again in the spring when new growth appears, following the watering guidelines.

Trees and Shrubs

Plants need more frequent watering from planting time until becoming well rooted, which may take two or more growing seasons. Once established, after three years, plants can then be weaned to tolerate less frequent watering. Proper weaning develops deep roots and makes the plants more drought tolerant.

Water established trees, shrubs and ground covers infrequently, yet thoroughly. In the absence of rain, most trees and shrubs benefit from a once-a-month thorough watering during the spring, summer, and fall.


Water Well and Feed Often

Annuals don't have deep root systems. Water whenever the soil feels dry about 1 inch below the surface. Even the drought tolerant annuals will bloom better if they get regular water. By high summer, that can mean watering some containers more than once a day.

Water is vital, but you don't want your plants sitting in wet soil or the roots will rot. Plant them in well-draining soil. That means soil that holds the water long enough for the roots to soak it in while allowing the excess water to eventually drain off.

Annuals expend a lot of energy setting buds and blooming. Even in soil rich in organic matter, it helps to feed them every 3-6 weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer.

Heat can leave your annuals wilting every afternoon. Giving them a good, deep soaking in the morning will leave them prepared to handle the afternoon sun. But even then, there will be days when leaves will become crisp and dry.

Mulching helps keep the shallow roots of annual flowers cool and moist. 

Watering Instructions